Looking Ahead to 2008

I plan to keep a close eye on Jesse Ventura.

Yeah, you heard me right, Jesse Ventura. He surprised people in Minnesota when he was elected govenor. Let’s see if he can surprise the country. I doubt I agree with him on all things, but at least I can comprehend his thought process.

This is from a recent article about him in The Gadflyer:

Ventura went on to criticize Bush’s attempt to write discrimination into the Constitution with the proposed amendment to outlaw same-sex marriage. Ventura demanded to know how the marriage of a man to another man would have any impact whatsoever on his own marriage to his wife. He told a moving story about a friend and fellow professional wrestler who was gay and was not allowed to visit his partner in the hospital during an emergency because he wasn’t "family." "That’s just cruel, and a government shouldn’t commit acts of cruelty against its citizens," said Ventura.

That’s a clear statement that I can stand behind. He’s standing up for what he believes is right, rather than trying to appease all parties.

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  1. I agree on the Ventura thing. He already mentioned that he’s considering it. But my money’s on Obama.

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