2005 Series of Doctor Who to Air on Sci-Fi Channel (finally)

Haven’t posted much lately (still waiting for my new glasses), but this is big news. The 2005 Series of Doctor Who is finally going to air in the US (there’s a nice summary at Outpost Gallifrey). I’ve seen it, and it’s great. I can’t begin to explain how great it is. Even Denise enjoyed watching it. There’s no need to have seen the classic series to enjoy this, so don’t let the show’s history put you off.

3 thoughts on “2005 Series of Doctor Who to Air on Sci-Fi Channel (finally)”

  1. That’s the good news. The bad news is the R1 DVD release is being pushed out to June.

    OK, OK, that’s relatively tiny bad news when compared to the extremely good news, but what can I say. I’m a grumpy old man.

    So, how’s the book coming along?

  2. Come on over and we’ll watch the UK DVDs. Problem solved.

    The book is stalled since it hurts my eye to look at the computer for too long, and I have to work on it all day. Hopefully my glasses will come in any day now.

  3. D’oh! I should have checked back here before today — Alec had the day off Kindergarten and we were just messing around with errands (as Julie had to work).

    Hope you enjoyed the extended weekend.

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