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In which army should you be? Ender’s game quiz
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Deep, thoughtful and rebellious. You don’t like following orders mindlessly. You give good thought to things before doing them, and exclusively do things according to your own strong beliefs. You like having your own opinion about everything, even if it’s not your superior’s.
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  1. Nicole says:

    Glad to be in the same army with you Jay!…where do you find these quizzes?


  2. Jay says:

    I found that one at the forums on Orson Scott Card’s site.

  3. Ender Hater says:

    I HATE ENDER’S GAme the book sucks!!!!

  4. Jay says:

    I disagree, but thanks for sharing.

  5. Fish says:

    i have yet to find an osc book that i havent completely enjoyed.. i started with enders game, read that through to children of the mind.. from there enders shadow to shadow of the giant.. then to the homecoming series and on to the alvin maker.. i love it all!