Pink Meth and Crack


  1. KJToo says:

    That is at once sick, subversive and brilliant. Well done, sir.

  2. Jay says:

    Thank you very much. Glad it went over well.

  3. dursin says:

    “I’m not endorsing the use of pink meth and crack, or anything of the kind.”

    But didn’t you also say, “having a child who is a picky eater I’d say it’s about trying things before deciding you don’t like them,”?

    Don’t knock that crack until you try it.

    Anyway, brilliant. Hilarious. Well done.

  4. Paul says:

    This is great stuff Jay, top form!

    As much as I enjoyed the parody I was most intrigued by the discussion (short though it was) that prompted you to go off on this venture. It has always fascinated me how two people can look on the same thought, scene or written word and come up with two completely different interpretations. Neither is right or wrong, just different.

    This piece brings to mind one of my favorite social commentators, Professor Tom Lehrer, and his ode to Smut (he was for it). One verse goes like this:

    “When correctly viewed
    everything is lewd.
    I could tell you things about Peter Pan
    and the Wizard of Oz, there’s a dirty old man!”

    Interpretation all boils down to your personal outlook on life. Take Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for instance. This is allegedly a satirical look at Charles Dodgson’s acquaintances, both friend and foe, with some English school lessons thrown in. Nonsense I say. This is plainly a reasonably decent description of a fairly high dose acid trip. Charles Dodgson, or Lewis Carroll if you prefer, simply got his hands on some Grade A microdot. And the world of literature is better off for it…

  5. Jason Penney says:

    Thanks for your comments guys. It was a fun experiment and I’m glad you liked it.

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