Just a Reminder: Audiobooks = Reading

This comes up now and again, so I’m just going to take the time to remind everyone that if I’ve listened to an unabridged audiobook of something, I’ve read it. You may wish to exclude me in some way from up upon your high horse, but you can’t take away from me the fact that I have read the book (more here).

2 thoughts on “Just a Reminder: Audiobooks = Reading”

  1. Okay – I am joining you in the outrage. First – thanks for visiting my blog Websites People Read. Now for the rant: I started listening to books on tape in 1989 to quit smoking. I swear I wore the tape out listening to the calming words that helped me quit the habit. So then I looked in the library to see what other non-fiction books were available and on my way I happened upon the fiction section. A long time reader and until recently married almost 20 years to a librarian – books are more popular in our house than milk, eggs and bread and I did feel a little guilty…at first. But here’s the rub. Books I had avoided for years because of their length or unfamiliar writing, classics like Kidnapped and Rebecca and Gone With the Wind, I found myself enjoying; some for the first time, some once again. I found I had my favorite narrators and began devouring audio books. I used to travel a lot for work and books on tape passed the time. Then I got my children involved and we listened to classics and old radio shows – it was terrific. I still read the traditional way – book in my lap or by my plate while I eat, but I also enjoy a book in the car or on my iPod. So pooh to you, those naysayers of audio books! As a writer – the two handbooks I’ve published, I’ve also recorded podcasts of as well. I don’t care if you read me with your eyes or read me with your ears – just read me! Deborah

  2. Deborah, I found your site via J.C. Hutchins.

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. It’s good to hear from others on their backgrounds and how they got into audiobooks. Thanks for sharing!

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