Writing Updates: June 2008

Here we go again. By now you should know the drill. I wonder where the time went, then blab on about my writing this month. I think I’ve been letting these posts take on too much weight so I’m going to try and breeze through this one ((If you notice any glaring mistakes, please let me know)) . I apologize for the lack of variety in my postings, but I’ve been using what free time I can on my writing.

Miracles Revisions: Read Through

After finishing Holly Lisle’s How to Write Page Turning Scenes ((Short review: It rocks!)) I started re-reading Miracles. To be honest I was more than a little afraid that after finishing the first draft of another novel I wasn’t going to have an easy time getting back into Miracles which I knew needed some serious work.

Throughout the month I took the manuscript, my line-for-scene ((I decided to use the line-for-scene in my Miracles progress meters. If you’re not reading this on my site, you should click over and take a look)) , and a stack of Super-Sticky Post-It notes and I quickly lost myself once more the trials of Brother Jarren and company. I was right about there being some serious work to do, but I didn’t see much this time I hadn’t already documented.

Next Up: Miracles Revisions: Write-In

"Miracles" line for scene (side view)

This is the part where I take the manuscript and my line-for-scene, and cover it with red ink and new hand written pages until it resembles something readable. Since about 1/2 the book is changing POV there are a large number of scenes that need to be redone, tossed out, or added. Luckly there’s a green scene now and again to give me a breather.

It was during my last attempt at this step I had to put things on hold ((Due to the arrival of daughter #3)) . I don’t foresee anything similar happening this time, so I’m hoping to make steady progress and possibly finish this step by the end of the month.

And Beyond…

After the write-in comes the type-in, but before that comes the conversion from WriteWay Pro to Scrivener. While this step isn’t actually writing in any way, I expect it to take up a bit of time.

After that? Well, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves…