Writing Updates: June 2008

Here we go again. By now you should know the drill. I wonder where the time went, then blab on about my writing this month. I think I’ve been letting these posts take on too much weight so I’m going to try and breeze through this one1 . I apologize for the lack of variety in my postings, but I’ve been using what free time I can on my writing.

Miracles Revisions: Read Through

Read Through
336/336 pages

After finishing Holly Lisle’s How to Write Page Turning Scenes2 I started re-reading Miracles. To be honest I was more than a little afraid that after finishing the first draft of another novel I wasn’t going to have an easy time getting back into Miracles which I knew needed some serious work.

Throughout the month I took the manuscript, my line-for-scene3 , and a stack of Super-Sticky Post-It notes and I quickly lost myself once more the trials of Brother Jarren and company. I was right about there being some serious work to do, but I didn’t see much this time I hadn’t already documented.

Next Up: Miracles Revisions: Write-In

"Miracles" line for scene (side view)

This is the part where I take the manuscript and my line-for-scene, and cover it with red ink and new hand written pages until it resembles something readable. Since about 1/2 the book is changing POV there are a large number of scenes that need to be redone, tossed out, or added. Luckly there’s a green scene now and again to give me a breather.

It was during my last attempt at this step I had to put things on hold4 . I don’t foresee anything similar happening this time, so I’m hoping to make steady progress and possibly finish this step by the end of the month.

And Beyond…

After the write-in comes the type-in, but before that comes the conversion from WriteWay Pro to Scrivener. While this step isn’t actually writing in any way, I expect it to take up a bit of time.

After that? Well, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves…

  1. If you notice any glaring mistakes, please let me know []
  2. Short review: It rocks! []
  3. I decided to use the line-for-scene in my Miracles progress meters. If you’re not reading this on my site, you should click over and take a look []
  4. Due to the arrival of daughter #3 []