Go Read: “Personal Effects: Dark Art”

Today is officially the US release of J.C Hutchins and Jordan Weisman’s “Personal Effects: Dark Art”.  I don’t read a lot of non-comic style print books, preferring audio or electronic mediums, but I’m pumped for this one.  It’s more than just a novel, it’s (part of) an ARG. ((You know how you’re watching LOST, and you see a strange commercial for something, and you’ll check the site out, and it’s somehow related to the show? It’s sort of like that.))

Victor Miller, creator of Jason Voorhees and writer of the original Friday the 13th has read the book, and shares his opinion in one of the many video blubs.

I can’t begin to explain all the cool things going on in relation to this book, but Hutch can, so head on over to JCHutchins.net and watch the Personal Effects 101 video on the front page. He’ll also be liveblogging about the release throughout the day today, so be sure and check it out.


  1. Jason, thanks so much for the support, and the shout-out! I truly appreciate it. You’ve been a longtime fan, and I’m grateful for all you’ve done for me. Thank you!

  2. Jason Penney says:

    @J.C. Hutchins – It’s my pleasure. Congratulations on yesterday’s awesomeness.

    And thanks for all you do, with the free podcast fiction, and the awesome interviews, and the now defunct *sniff* MINE (where you taught me a ton working with me on my contributions). Always looking forward to what you’ll do next (but no pressure).

  3. Jamelyn says:

    Oh my gosh..
    i was horrified with the video cuts.
    I still prefer to read books
    than the audios.
    Dark Arts seems to be exciting.