Go Read: “Personal Effects: Dark Art”


  1. Jason, thanks so much for the support, and the shout-out! I truly appreciate it. You’ve been a longtime fan, and I’m grateful for all you’ve done for me. Thank you!

  2. Jason Penney says:

    @J.C. Hutchins – It’s my pleasure. Congratulations on yesterday’s awesomeness.

    And thanks for all you do, with the free podcast fiction, and the awesome interviews, and the now defunct *sniff* MINE (where you taught me a ton working with me on my contributions). Always looking forward to what you’ll do next (but no pressure).

  3. Jamelyn says:

    Oh my gosh..
    i was horrified with the video cuts.
    I still prefer to read books
    than the audios.
    Dark Arts seems to be exciting.