“Now Reading” plugin and WordPress 2.8

A fix for the issues the “Now Reading” plugin was causing with my WordPress 2.8 upgrade.

Overall my WordPress 2.8 upgrade went fairly well, at least as far as any site visitors would see. The admin was a different story. ((If you’ve ever used the Google Gears/Turbo Mode stuff in the WordPress Admin, I advise you to do the upgrade in a different browser because it seems to be responsible for a lot of problems folks are having with the automated upgrade)) After some poking around ((and upgrading one of my own plugins)) I was surprised to find out it was Rob Miller‘s fabulous Now Reading WordPress plugin ((It powers the library pages here on the site.)) preventing me from editing posts.

I’m not sure exactly what changed in WordPress to trigger the issue, but after some poking I tracked down the problem, and I think I found a solution other than removing the plugin.

In the file wp-content/plugins/now-reading/url.php, look for the following:

function is_now_reading_page() {
global $wp;

I commented out the call to $wp->parse_request(); and it fixed the problems I was having with the site admin, and so far it seems Now Reading is unaffected by this change.

6 thoughts on ““Now Reading” plugin and WordPress 2.8”

  1. What is the difference between the new 2.8 version and the old one? I wanna upgrade, but decide to wait and see how good it is.

  2. Hi there!
    I also have a problem with now reading. It only works to add a new book. If I click on manage books after I have added the book. It works perfectly. Otherwise, if I try to use the menu on the left, both manage books and options don’t seem to work. An error message is displayed: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.
    I have implemented your solution and it doesn’t seem to work.
    Do you have any idea what might be the problem?

  3. @Alyna – WordPress 2.8.1 made a few changes to the way menus are handled on the admin side; the old Now Reading breaks. It should be fixed in my updated version, however.

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