Quick “Miracles” Type-in Update (mid-July)

Quick update on where I’m at in the process (which is 50/109 scenes).

Between work being crazy, computer issues, and lots of fun family summer day-trips, progress has continued at it’s rather glacial pace. I’m just shy of the halfway mark now, and I think I’ll have time this weekend to push things along.

Update: Looks like I’m working Saturday, so no I won’t push things along this weekend.

One thought on “Quick “Miracles” Type-in Update (mid-July)”

  1. Hi!

    Just thought I’d pop by and say hello after finding you on inkygirl’s 500 a day challenge. Seems like you are ticking along nicely with yours. I do love the cover mock up of “Miracles” — I’ve caught up with why you created it (re LuLu) and I thought I’d mention that I’ve read that creating even just a cover for a book not published makes it all seem so much more real, and you are more likely to succeed as it helps you to “think and feel” like a published author.

    Do you think that helped you at all? Actually seeing your Nano version in print?

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