Miracles on Hold While Nothing Happens

I’ve temporarily put the Miracles revision on hold (seems Holly has done the same, but for different reasons). I’ve been jotting down story ideas as they come to me, and two unrelated ones collided, and I started working on a short story, tentatively titled “Nothing Happens to Xintestity Bateman”. This morning I thought I’d lost the tale when I took it in a direction I hadn’t foreseen, but I think I’ve got it figured out now I should be back to Miracles by the end of the week.


So I ended up not working out a writing plan yesterday. I tried doing it this morning, but stopped when I had twenty minutes left and just started a short story based on a Freemind file I did last July. I wrote for fifteen minutes, which is better than nothing. So the current plan is to finish this story, then write another. We’ll see where that takes me.