Comment Policy

General Policy

I encourage people to comment. I do reserve the right to remove comments I deem inappropriate or spam. Bot comments are not welcome (but luckly, most are eaten spam protection anyhow).

Please do not

  • leave off-topic comments. If your comment doesn’t have anything to do with the post to which you are commenting there is probably a better way to get my attention.
  • engage in personal attacks
  • post spam

I Follow

By default most blogs now insert rel=”nofollow” into links left in comments. This site does not, at least not across the board. I don’t see the benefit of punishing valid posters by denying them link karma. Any comment still on the site after a waiting period will have the rel=”nofollow” removed. As such I reserve the right to remove links I consider inappropriate from otherwise valid comments. I’m taking this stand over removing the comment outright.