8 thoughts on “Phase Outline: 70%”

  1. Probably not this year. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle working on two novels at once, yet. Maybe next time around.

  2. Have you done it before? (I”m thinking about it.. but it freaks me out a little… ))

  3. I might.. I’m working on something now. Depending on how it goes…. I just might. How do you like the Forward Motion class?

  4. I really like the class. It’s helped me take things one step at a time and not become overwhelmed.

  5. Hey, did I ever tell you about 37Signals.com, they have this great app called BaseCampHQ (which surprisingly enough is at BaseCampHQ.com. I plan on using it once I’ve projects to run, and it’s free if you only have one project.

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