1-Pass Day 15: (12485/99973)

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Today didn’t go at all to plan. We had a pile of places to be today, but Rachel isn’t feeling herself, so we ended up staying home. On the plus side Denise was kind enough to give me time to work on the book (thank you!), so here I am posting an update. Some of the chapters look a bit shorter that I want them, but I’m going to finish the type in and think about what to do afterwards (if anything).

2 thoughts on “1-Pass Day 15: (12485/99973)”

  1. Short chapters are nice when reading (I think) gives you the feeling you’ve accomplished something. Hope Rachel feels better soon.

  2. My first draft had very long chapters. During the slog I marked new, shorter chapters. I also entire sections for removal (note that my total word count is dropping with each post). The combination is leaving me with some chapter that are quite a bit shorter than I expected. Once I finish the type in I can always move a few things around.

    Rachel was doing much better today, thanks.

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