Life on Hold

I mentioned before that we were all not feeling very well. I’m mostly better, and so are the kids (Rachel a little more so, Vanessa a little less). Denise, on the other hand, is about the same, and it looks like she’ll stay that way for a while yet. So everything (including the writing) is on hold until things settle down. After having a crazy, exhausting week last week, this one is a lot closer to normal, but not quite there yet. I’m itching to get started on a number of things, but family comes first.

3 thoughts on “Life on Hold”

  1. Get well. In my life, many things get put on hold for family. Lately it’s been blogging. But I don’t mind…my family is everything to me :)

  2. I do hope you all get well soon! I hate getting sick :(.
    Hopefully it isn’t affecting the writing to much. I linked you on my blog. That link to Freemind was most appreciated. I may find that to be quite useful in the future. Get well soon!

  3. Thanks for stopping by, and the well wishes. Things are starting to look a bit better and I hope to be able to work writing back into the schedule by next week (if not sooner).

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