T is for…


  1. Chris Miller says:

    That is so cool. :)

  2. Mark J Musante says:

    I’m so jealous!

  3. Jason Penney says:

    @Chris Miller, @Mark J Musante – Thanks for the comments. She says it’s the only T word she could think of that wasn’t already in the picture. :)

  4. Now that is priceless. My youngest daughter, now 4 and a half, started fourth grade kindergarten this year. On her first day, the teacher asked each student to tell her three things they wanted to learn about. The teacher would proceed to write out each student’s list, and make sure they learned about it during the school year. The teacher also sent home a copy for mom and dad, so we would know what our kid was interested in. My daughter’s list?

    1) Poop
    2) Spaghetti
    3) Elbows

  5. Jeanne says:

    This cracked me up. Thanks!

  6. Jason Penney says:

    @S William Shaw – That’s quite the list! Is that elbows pasta, or the arm kind?

    @Jeanne – Me too! How’s your little one?

  7. D L Owens says:

    Totally, freakin’ awesome! Now you need to start reading science fiction and fantasy novels to her. Teach her how to podcast while you’re at it. If you add programing into the equation then you’ve hit the tri-fecta of coolness.

  8. Jason Penney says:

    @D L Owens – You know, she sure loves to talk… When I was her age I my “portable” cassette recorder (which in those days meant it had a handle).