New WordPress Plugin: Use Google Libraries 1.0


  1. kaotoxin says:

    Got the plugin, nice idea!
    But, when you click on the plugin’s name in the plugins list of the admin panel the link back to your web site is wrong as it gives a 404 error.
    Thought you would have liked knowing it…

  2. Jason Penney says:

    @kaotoxin – Glad you like the plugin. And thanks for the heads up, should work now.

  3. Iamsgf says:

    I am on a shred server so that might be a reason of loading all my blogs slowly. Perhaps this plugin can do something and could help loading them fast. I’ll be installing it on my 2-3 blogs to test the performance.

  4. Jason Penney says:

    @Iamsgf – Good luck speeding things up. While I’d like to think UGL would make a big impact it’s more of a ‘last mile’ optimization. You may want to check out WP Super Cache.