“Miracles” Type-in Complete

My final status update on the “Miracles” Type-in.

December? How did that happen? Guess I’m late with another progress update, so here it is:

Hey look at that!  Last night I finished the type-in ((“Type-in” refers to taking my marked up pages, and applying all that red ink to the manuscript)) of the final scene.  Horray!

All Finished?

So am I all done with “Miracles”? Unfortunately, no. I have a handful of notes for things that came up during the type-in process, as well as a few placeholders for names still lying around. Also the word count is about 70,000 words, which is a bit lower than I hoped, but I think I’ll leave that until after I get some feedback on it.

Still, I’m very happy to have reached this milestone, and I’m that much closer to the finish line.