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In which army should you be? Ender’s game quiz
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Deep, thoughtful and rebellious. You don’t like following orders mindlessly. You give good thought to things before doing them, and exclusively do things according to your own strong beliefs. You like having your own opinion about everything, even if it’s not your superior’s.
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The RPG Class Test

Happy new year everyone!

I saw this over on The Slush God’s site and it looked like fun.

51% Combativeness, 56% Sneakiness, 61% Intellect, 61% Spirituality
Pretty much good at everything: You are a Monk!
No, not a monk like those bald medieval guys. The Monk in D&D is a martial artist. They’re smart, they’re capable, they’re spiritual, they’re sneaky when they want to be, and they’re damn dangerous in a fight.
What to say? You scored high on all four categories, which means that you’re probably a well rounded and capable person. Either that or you’re an overly smart and dangerous psychopath.
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Link: The RPG Class Test written by MFlowers on Ok Cupid

What is Your World View?

I make no comments on the accuracy of this quiz, but I found it interesting enough to post.

Cultural Creative You scored as Cultural Creative. Cultural Creatives are probably the newest group to enter this realm. You are a modern thinker who tends to shy away from organized religion but still feels as if there is something greater than ourselves. You are very spiritual, even if you are not religious. Life has a meaning outside of the rational.

What is Your World View? (updated)
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