One Pass Type-in: The Pages

Type-in Example

I figured some of you may be wondering what the pages I’m working on now look like (or not, but I wanted to break up the word count posts). Here are two random pages from the current stack on my document holder. This are pretty representative. Some pages have only one correction, some are crossed out entirely, and some have little circled numbers, referring me to the new handwritten scenes to insert.

Also, congratulations to Kathleen Bolton who just finished a One Pass Revision, and posted her thoughts on the process.

1-Pass Day 26 (47242/99806)

Type in

I really wanted to finish the new chapter so I got up early to finish it before leaving for work. Next time I’ll be back to more standard type-in stuff. I managed to reuse some material I had cut on my first failed revision attempt. It didn’t work at all before, but it fell right into place at the end of the new chapter.

1-Pass Day 24 (45959/98523)

Type in

I’ve been feeling pretty crummy, health wise, which put a temporary stop to me writing at night. Finally got back to it today. Not great at all, but I do have the remaining two new scene outlined. Then it’s back to standard type-in work for a while. I’ve only recently managed to switch off the writer when editing and switch off the editor when writing. Now I’m finding transitioning between the two to be a bit of a pain!

1-Pass Day 22: (41004/97729)

Type in

Took the kids to The Big E yesterday with my mom and Howie. We had a great time. Rachel really enjoyed the rides and both kids loved seeing all the animals. It was pretty late by the time we got back home. I managed to carry both kids to bed from the car without issue. Good thing, because I was ready to get some sleep.

After getting the kids off to bed tonight Denise and I watched the season finale of Life on Mars. It’s a great show and I really recommend it. The main character is a modern day police officer who is hit by a car and wakes up in 1973. He believes he’s in a coma and everyone else thinks he’s crazy when he tries to explain. Not your average cop drama. Very well done.

After that I headed up to the office to continue on with the revisions. I think I made pretty good progress.

1-Pass Day 21: (33944/98499)

Type in

I had some time while the kids napped, and after putting them to bed to get some more work done. It was nice to hit some scenes with new material I wrote during the read through. I also noticed something I missed before where a scene started with two men on horseback and at some point they ended up in a tent with no mention of them even moving. Whoops!

Today was my most productive day since starting the new job. I’m just over a third of the way through. If I can just find a way to squeeze in some more time I’ll actually get through this. I’m feeling pretty good about it, if a bit frustrated that I have to stop for the night.

That leaves me at the start of what was Chapter 10 in the first draft, and is now Chapter 16.