1-Pass Day 33 (71519/93173)

Type in

Made some more progress last night. I’m feeling pretty ready to be done now. If anyone has some spare time they can lend me, I’d appreciate it.

Totally unrelated, but I found this pretty amusing. Oh, and if anyone wants to buy me one of these, I wouldn’t complain. I have just the spot for it in the yard.

1-Pass Day 32 (68501/94126)

Type in

This morning I had a great momentum going, and had life allowed it to continue I may have finished the whole thing today. Still, not a bad day all said.

The next scene is very fast paced and covered with corrections, and my eyes are crossing, so I think that’s it for tonight.

1-Pass Day 26 (47242/99806)

Type in

I really wanted to finish the new chapter so I got up early to finish it before leaving for work. Next time I’ll be back to more standard type-in stuff. I managed to reuse some material I had cut on my first failed revision attempt. It didn’t work at all before, but it fell right into place at the end of the new chapter.