Harry Potter and the Book Cover Hype

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6)

Look, I’m as excited as the next person to get my hands on the next Harry Potter (although no one seems to be offering the audiobook for preorder yet), but why did I just see the cover on the news? Why did every bookstore, online and off, feel the need to email me a copy of said cover? The book has two different covers in the UK, neither of which is the cover shown here.

Why are the “news” stories making a big deal about the fact that the cover may have something to do with the story. It’s the cover. Most books seem to have covers, and a lot of them have images on them. Sometimes they have something to do w ith the book. Not news.


  1. Del says:

    I’m with you… but I know why they showed it. The moment I saw it I went to online to preorder my book so I could go to the midnight party. It keeps it fresh in everyone’s heads, much like previews for movies that are coming out months later.

  2. Jay says:

    I guess I didn’t think of that since I already got the slew of pre-order emails from the online stores, and the giant signs about pre-ordering at the book stores. Good point. Still not news. :-)

  3. Del says:

    Yeah, but, seriously, what really is these days.  Did you see Daily Show two nights ago?  The guy who wrote Bad News was really interesting (I know, I should look up his name, but I’m a little lazy right now…)