HBO cancels Carnivale. Just another network.

Carnivale - The Complete First Season

I just saw that HBO has canceled Carnivale. Why? Carnivale was an amazing show, and while the second season did tie up many of the loose ends from the first season, it also added boatloads of new ones.

Why do I bother to watch TV? I should just wait for shows to finish, and buy the DVDs. I don’t mean seasons, I mean shows. That way I’d know in advance that a show that planned to tell it’s story over six seasons was canceled after two. Then I could decide if that made it worth my time.

I’ve been a big fan of many of HBO’s television series, but Carnivale was hands down the best of them all in my opinion. It had to have been the best sci-fi show since the X-Files. It had just the right mix of mysterious atmosphere and interesting characters to make every episode seem far to short. It was well written, well acted, and I looked forward to it. All of these are signs of early cancellation, except it was on HBO, so I was safe, right? Apparently not.

If you haven’t seen the show by now, I still recommend it. The first two seasons were great, and they do tell a (mostly) complete story. I envy those of you who watch it for the first time on DVD and are able to just watch the next episode with no waiting.


  1. Dursin says:

    I know what you mean, Jay. Six Feet Under is coming up on its final season, too. I heard Alan Ball actually felt it was time to end it, so it wasn’t outright canceled, but it still bugs me. Why do good shows end so quickly and Everybody loves raymond is on for nine years? HBO will be hurting after these shows end, that’s for sure.

  2. DJ Marky Mark says:

    carnivale was just about the most intense thing I’d seen in years and although I’m not convinced I understood as much of it as I should, when the 1st season ended I wanted more, needed to know more. still waiting for the 2nd season to get here, but i can’t believe the news that it’s been cancelled. i felt the same when they cancelled millenium. now there was a show that deserved to go further! guess i have a whole 2nd season to look forward to, and draw my own conclusions from, but why do these decisions always seem to be monetary. Screw the bank account, think of the fans.