I will not be defeated

I feel I haven’t gotten anything productive done in days.

My laptop fan went insane, so it’s out for repair. This cuts my writing time down to only that time I can closet myself in my office. That pretty much means after 11pm most days.

I had set time aside for writting on Sunday. Every time I went to start something came up and I agreed to do it later. Later didn’t come until midnight, and I was too tired to start by then.

Yesterday I got up early to get started because I knew it was a busy day. I reviewed everything, got all set to start moving and time was up. I did have a great day though.

That brings us to this morning. I got up at 6:30am. I wandered in to the office, turned on the computer, waited for the memory check to… start? Great! Dead computer! No surprise there. Why did I get up again? I rebooted, went into the BIOS changed the memory settings slightly, hit "Save & Exit".

Apparently that was a mistake. "Save & Exit" on my board’s BIOS apparently means "Slowly corrupt the CMOS". It seems that this option has problems, and over time will make the system unbootable. I had just hit that limit. Now it didn’t post, didn’t beep, didn’t do anything. There are no good suggestions online for how to fix this (besides RMA the board).

After doing everything I could think of I managed to get the board to at least beep a failure code. Progress! I put one stick of memory, the CPU and the video card back in, powered on, and it posted! I went into the bios and hit F10 to save (rather than the "Save & Corrupt" option) and it rebooted. I reinstalled all the hardware and booted up. Windows started, and the steam stopped pouring out of my ears.

So here I am after getting all the hardware reinstalled. Two and a half hours later and I’ve accomplished nothing I set out to do. Maybe I can manage to get back to the office after breakfast.

To the surprise of noone, my server crashed while posting this story. It’s better now. I don’t want to talk about it.

Now for that breakfast…