Dinner conversations with a two year old

We had a pretty crazy weekend around here, and I started back to work Monday to find a number of fires to fight right off the bat. I don’t want to talk about that. I want to talk about my daughter.

Sometime she really cracks me up.

One night last week I came in from the grill with some pretty nice looking pork chops. As the smell filled the room my daughter ran over and yelled "I want steak!" The night before we had, in fact, had steak from the grill.

"We’re having pork tonight. That’s pork," I replied.

She belted out, "Yeah. Pork is good steak".

Can’t argue with that.

Tonight we had pasta, and Denise and I also had salads. After the pasta was gone, Denise asked "Do you want something else?"

"I want my salad."

"Do you want something out of my salad?" Usually Denise and I will give her a few carrots or a cucumber, but she’s never had a salad.

"I want salad in a bowl!"

Denise shrugged, gave me a look that said, "she’ll never eat this", and handed her salad bowl over.

"This is my favorite dinner I never had."

Apparently it was, because she ate almost all of it while my wife hungrily looked on in amazement.