TiVo Series 2 on sale cheap!

TiVo is currently having a sale on Factory-renewed units. If you don’t have one, go get one right now! I’ll wait.

I’ve had a TiVo for three years now. It is the greatest television related invention since the television itself. What’s so great about it? I know that I will not be able to explain this well enough, but I’ll try.

I don’t know when anything is on TV. I have some idea what day things are on, but I have no idea what time they are on. I don’t care, because I don’t need to know. TiVo knows what we watch, and it figures it out. I rarely need to know that schedules have changed.

When some special or movie is on the same time as a show that is repeated througout the week, say "Six Feet Under", I know I can gladly tell TiVo to record whatever, and TiVo will grab the next non-conflicting showing of "Six Feet Under".

We can watch, a standard 30 minute network program in 20 minutes. We only watch the commercials that looked interesting enough to stop and watch while fast forwarding through them. This is good. You can now the same ammount of TV in less time, and do other things (or watch more TV, if you must).

We can pause the TV to go to the bathroom, get a glass of water, answer the phone, etc. Our TV is our slave, not the other way around.

Our daughter doesn’t need to see commercials. This is big for me. Also, her favorite shows are right there when we want to let her watch them.

This is also the only thing I’ve ever attached to the TV that my wife loves more
than I do.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I could go on and on forever. I have found that when I’ve been somewhere without TiVo, I just don’t watch TV. It’s not worth it. I know there is some backlash from TV execs who worry about people "stealing tv" by not watching the ads. Grow up! When you take away my TiVo, I stop watching TV forever. I’m not interested in "On-Demand" or any of that, because I already have something better.

It’s worth noting that there is an adjustment period where the benifits won’t be totally clear. It’s hard to adjust to not having your butt in the seat when the network programmers want you too. Here’s a trick to get you started. Pick the day you watch the most shows on the tube, and turn the TV off for the day! Have your TiVo grab them. Then, when it’s convinient for you to watch them. Enjoy being in charge of the idiot box!

NOTE: Some units come with TiVo Basic with no montly fee. Do not base your opinion of TiVo on this. It’s not the same. Also, your cable company may tell you they offer TiVo-like settop boxes. From what I’ve seen of these, that’s like calling a school bus "Space Shuttle-like".