Pushing Onward

The first draft of the novel continues to grow at a snails pace. I’m almost half way done the first draft, which I intended to have finished by the end of April. If I can write 700 words a day (not too hard) without missing a single day (near impossible) I’ll make it.

Housework has been the bane of my existence this weekend. Between fighting off the cold everone else has, my back pain, and the sheer length of the ‘to do’ list I was presented with I’ve managed a big fat 0 words all weekend. I’ve been tired all weekend, and it must be my system fighting off sickness, because I’m never this tired for this long.

I’m still intending to write up the 2004 book reviews, but I need to make some more progress on the book. I’m going to get back to writing now. Gotta go!