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Greg the Bunny Returns Again! | All the Billion Other Moments (Jason Penney) · All the Billion Other Moments (Jason Penney)

Greg the Bunny Returns Again!

Thanks to Kara for letting me know that Greg the Bunny is returning to IFC! Whoo hoo!


  1. Nicole says:

    Ok so I’ve only ever seen like 2 episodes of Greg the Bunny and I don’t get IFC :( But I think everyone should know that the Muppets Season 1 has come out on DVD. Not sure when it happened but it was at Costco the other week so I bought it. When I used to watch the muppets it was mostly staticie (is that a word?). So it’s wonderful to see it in the crispness that is DVD. I LOVE THE MUPPETS…

    Bork Bork Bork!!

  2. Jay says:

    Setting my TiVo proved pointless as the show never seems to air at it’s listed time. Hopefully they fix it. I have a 600 GB TiVo filled with shows that did list the correct time. I don’t have time to chase a show.

  3. Kara says:

    Hey man, thank you for thanking me! That’s swell!