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  1. Den Shewman says:

    Jason, thanks for the link to Scott Brick’s blog on his “Who Killed Gwen Stacy?” article. If you’d like to get Scott’s update emails, shoot your address to me at

    We’ve just announced the 2008-2009 slate of books from Scott’s Brick By Brick Audiobooks label — seven titles in six months (there goes my sleep…) ranging from A CHRISTMAS CAROL to the last two novels in the first Thomas Covenant trilogy to the PHOENIX LEGACY trilogy (Scott’s favorite SF series). Plus, he’s also doing DREAMER OF DUNE, Frank Herbert’s biography written by his son Brian. Lotsa good stuff, check it out here:

    Take care, and have a good rest of October. I’m off to a cruise to Mexico in a few hours…a bit of rest before the whirlwind that is November. Whoo!

    Den Shewman

  2. Jason Penney says:

    @Den Shewman – Thanks for taking the time to comment Den. Scott has been a favorite of mine since hearing “Ender’s Game” and I’m excited to see Brick by Brick’s catalog grow.

    Enjoy your vacation!